Sunday, May 30, 2010

Size matters not

It's neat how much good meditation you can get done on an airplane. You're basically trapped in your seat for a few hours with little to do. Even the laziest spiritual practitioner would be tempted at the opportunities there.

Aside from the captivity, there's a lot of perspective available on an airplane high in the sky.

At the level of "The Witness", when you are paying attention to that part of yourself, it's not that things are Big or Small. It's that size becomes irrelevant. The Oneness that exists behind everything does not have a size. Size is not an issue at all. Rather, size is something expressed by that Oneness as it wraps around itself and forgets itself, giving birth to what most people think of as the real world.

Thus, it does not matter if you are meditating in a 5' x 5' room, looking at a blank wall, or whether you are in an airplane looking at the entire 200 mi coast of New Jersey. It's all the same.

This is what some Buddhist circles refer to as being able "to drink the entire ocean in one gulp".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One and the same...

Sometimes when I drive to work on a nice day, I listen to the birds chirping outside.

Life is much like a single bird chirp.... a fleeting trill absorbed by a bright quiet morning.